Viraaj's Sixth Birthday

A Birthday Poem for My Son

A poem for my son written by me on his 6th birthday….

I just had to let this little gentleman know how much he means to me….how he completes me….and with this poem, I think I did get my point across….pretty loud and clear!

The poem is a cute mix of my feelings and his favorite things…no wonder then that he loved this card as much as any of his other birthday gifts!

Birthday poem for my son
Birthday poem for my son
Birthday poem for my son
Birthday poem for my son
Birthday poem for my son

Here’s a small birthday note for my six-year-old munchkin

Your 6th birthday came a whole lot quicker than we could ever imagine! I’m sure by now you know that I can’t let any big events pass by without doing a post about them. And TODAY happens to be the biggest event of my life so far! SO there’s no way I could hold myself back from writing this 🙂

As a little part of your 6th birthday gift, I’ve decided to reveal to you SIX important facts about Papa and me, that I think you must know. Hope you enjoy reading this. Happy, happy, happy 6th, my little hero!

1. In all of these 2190 days, not a single day passed by without us being amazed by your cuteness, intelligence, charm and wit!

2. Waking up to your adorable little face every morning is just pure bliss and sheer joy! I’m not so sure if you know this but I spend a good amount of time (even when you are asleep) just staring at that gorgeous face of yours wondering how I got so lucky to be your ‘Mimi’!

3.Your eyes are our favorite things to get lost in and your irresistibly sweet smiles turn even our dull days into super sparkly ones instantly!

4. I’m 100% sure that I was put on this planet to be YOUR Mom! But always remember…I’m as much your Mimi as I am your die-hard fan, your mischief partner, and your BFF.

5. NOTHING in our lives makes Papa or me prouder and happier than you do and with each passing day, as you grow, our hearts will be growing right next to you, to wrap every new inch of you with our love.

6. You have no idea just how much you inspire, influence and teach me on a daily basis. and I really hope you keep at it because if someday, I can be even half as cool and nice as you are, I ll consider it the biggest accomplishment of my life.

Can’t thank God enough to have sent you into our lives but if we had the option to choose, we’d always choose you in a million lifetimes from a million worlds! We’d find you and we’d choose YOU!

We’ve treasured every second of this 6-year journey with you and Papa and I are in absolute awe of the amazing boy you have grown into! Here’s to our fantastic journey ahead…here’s to you, you little charmer!!

8 thoughts on “A Birthday Poem for My Son”

  1. Arundati Gupta Jacob

    So awesome. So much of love. Viraaj deserves it all. Cute poem and what amazing 6 facts. May Viraaj continue to be healthy, and stay blessed. Happy 6th birthday.

  2. Viraaj Badola

    Mimi I love and love you love and love you love and love you love and love you love and love you for the post.

  3. How beautifully expressed. Don’t stop writing such wonderful content. Bunny and you are adorable together.
    Much love

  4. A beautiful poem written by a lovely and caring mother full of love and emotions for his son. God bless you all.

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