Viraaj celebrating Independence Day

The Freedom of Imperfection

I’d planned to do a painting together this time around but my little one had other plans. He wanted me to write him an Independence Day poem!

As ‘non-poetic’ as I may be, I gladly agreed. I quickly jotted down his thoughts, ideas, dreams, and plans about ‘India’ on a piece of paper and in no time, put it all together in the form of a little poetry.

My aim wasn’t to write the ‘perfect‘ poem.

My aim was just to make sure that he enjoys reading it. 

Ever since my little boy tiptoed his way into my life, it’s always been like this.  Unlike 6 years back, I, now, no longer strive for perfection in everything I do. I’ve got no time for that. We are just so busy being happy, crazy, funny, and perfectly imperfect! 

I’ve figured that trying to be perfect all the time just sucks out all the joy from our lives. But here’s an undeniable fact: ‘Perfection‘ is unattainable and mistakes are unavoidable.

Also, the quest for ‘perfection’ is exhausting and never-ending, to say the least. It puts you in some sort of a haze and prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest. So, when you stop trying to be perfect, you automatically become a whole lot happier. 

Learning how to embrace my imperfections, goof-ups and errors has enhanced my life in more ways than one! It’s added a whole lot of laughter and immense joy to my world!

I may not be the ‘perfect’ mom, the ‘perfect’ wife, the ‘perfect’ home educator, the ‘perfect’ sister or the ‘perfect’ friend. But then, I don’t choose to be perfect! I just choose to be happy! 

And oh yes….about my ‘not-so-perfect’ poem…Viraaj was absolutely delighted to read it!!

Mission accomplished. 🙂

And I was elated to see that dazzling smile on his cute little face. THAT smile is my perfection. And my sole aim in life? To make sure nothing ever lets it fade away. 

Here’s the “Independence Day” poem I wrote that brightened up my baby’s day:

Independence Day Poem By Namrata
Independence Day Poem

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