Are You A Good Mom?

Are You A Good Mom?

Are you a good Mom? 

In the list of questions below, give yourself a point each time your answer is ‘yes’. Lets see what your score is!

Q1) Have you ever been pooped and puked upon by your little munchkin?

Q2) Have you spent umpteen number of sleepless nights trying to pacify your little one and put him to sleep, but failed miserably?

Q3) Have you ever had doors being slammed at your face?

Q4) Have you ever had toys thrown at yourself and food spilled all over your clothes?

Q5) Have you ever been punched by those tiny fists?

Q6) Have you ever been judged for still continuing to focus on your career even after the baby’s arrival into your life?

Q7) Have you ever been judged for quitting your career and becoming a stay-at-home mom to look after your kid?

Q8) Have you ever been bitten and scratched by those teeny-meeny but crazy sharp teeth and nails?

Q9) Have you ever felt guilty of not spending enough time with your kid?

Q10) Have you ever gotten weird looks from passers-by because your little one is throwing tantrums?

Q11) Have you ever felt guilty of not doing enough and not being enough for your child?

Q12) Have you ever regretted yelling at your little one just because you had a long, horrible day and really needed to vent it out on someone?

Q13) Have you ever felt that nobody in the world appreciates the fact that you’ve given up on your sleep, your time, your social life, your energy to be a mom?

Q14) Have you ever felt jealous of other moms whose homes look clean and well-organized whereas yours is mostly a mess?

Q15) Have you ever been envious of other moms who not only have a perfect routine for their kids but are also able to make them follow it so effortlessly?

Q16) Have you ever been guilty of allowing your kid too much screen time or too many chocolates?

Q17) Have you ever felt that you are just expected to be that ‘flawless’ mother without any expectation of praise or acknowledgment?

Q18) Have you ever been criticized for being on your phone while your child is playing in the park?

Q19) Have you ever been told off for being a ‘helicopter mom’?

Calculated your score, have you?

If your score is….

Forget it mommies.

Just let it be.

There is absolutely no quiz or survey or ‘parenting expert’ in the world good enough to tell you whether or not you are a good mom.

You Know What Makes A Good Mom? 

The unconditional, indestructible, perpetual, unstoppable, everlasting, unmistakable love for your child.

That’s all that matters. Nothing else. 

So, you ARE a good mom. A great mom.

I’m saying this to you just in case you didn’t hear it from anyone else recently. Or ever, actually. 

Motherhood can be pretty thankless…but its rewards, in terms of all the cute little hugs and the wet, sloppy kisses, are far huger than any amount of praise, appreciation, or recognition you’ll ever get. 

So there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel guilty or jealous or regretful.

Just keep the love coming. ❤️

5 thoughts on “Are You A Good Mom?”

  1. Arundati Gupta Jacob

    Such a lovely post. Girl you are certainly on a roll. Keep them comin’. I am becoming a fan of your posts

  2. Mothers do everything for their children because they feel happy doing what they are dping out of their love and responsibility. They cannot score themselves. Their children will judge them.

  3. Yes, we really wanted to hear that! Every motherhood is unique and every parenting is customized to the core 🙂

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