6 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

6 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

The current global ‘covid 19’ scenario has led to couples, all over the world, spending indefinite time with each other, under the same roof.

Happening for the first time ever in the history of mankind, being ‘locked’ down together, and that too in the same room for most of the times seems pretty tough to many.

In fact, each time there’s some news about the lockdown extending, some women that I know of wanna run out on the streets tearing their hair and screaming their lungs out. But with this evil virus lurking around, that is not even an option.

I am of the opinion though, that all this time together, should be spent on strengthening relationships and ultimately growing as a couple and definitely not in arguing or having heated discussions. 

Easier said than done, eh? Not really.

Based on my personal experience, here are the top 6 ways to make this happen (whether it’s a lockdown or not).

6 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship

1. Stop The Blame Game

Constantly pointing out flaws in your partner is a big no-no.

Your guy didn’t put his coffee mug into the sink?

He didn’t shower until dinner time?

Didn’t put the dirty laundry into the washing machine?


It’s not the end of the world. Have a good laugh about these little things rather than arguing about them.

Try saying more positive things to each other, something like, ‘thank God we are together’ or ‘ never mind we’ll do the laundry tomorrow’ or ‘here’s a little secret…I didn’t shower yesterday either!’

Throw in a little humor for good measure. That works like a dream! 

Saying such positive things can ensure you and your partner do not keep fighting unnecessarily. 

2. Doing Fun Activities Together

Couples are busy coming up with fun and innovative activities for their kids to do during this time.

The Internet is proof. It’s flooded with pictures and videos of our very adorable future generation showcasing its talents.

But how about couples doing some fun activities together?

Like cooking up a good dish together. Or playing carrom. A round of Jenga or even having a Sudoku competition with each other.

The point is to engage yourself and your partner in some light-hearted, easy-going and fun things rather than just playing serious and boring all the time.

Also, don’t just please ‘netflix‘ away all your time together!

3. Workout, Please!  Pretty please!

Have an exercise routine in place.

Doesn’t matter if, for other commitments, it is not possible for you to exercise as a couple.

An individual workout routine, as per your convenience, works just as much. 

Please treat your daily exercise regimen as a priority as it’s a proven fact that physical fitness keeps stress at bay and makes you feel better about yourself.

The more stress-free you are, the lesser arguments you are bound to get into.

4. Pop In A Surprise Or Two

This works wonders. Try it.

Here are some tried and tested ideas.

Send your partner a cute text message out of the blue, even if you are in the same room and watch the smile light up his face.

 Bring him a cup of coffee while he’s on a phone meeting, without him having asked for it.

Write a little love note and place it on his pillow if you are winding up early while he’s gonna be up until late night for work. 

5. Plan Your Week Ahead

There’s no denying that during this time the workload has increased by leaps and bounds. With all the cleaning, mopping, laundry teaching the kids, cooking, cooking, and more cooking, there is obviously so much more work to do. 

A good idea is to just sit with your partner and spend a few minutes each day to plan the day or the week ahead, as to who will be doing the dishes, who will be cooking the meals, who will be responsible for helping the kids do their assignments, who will be doing the laundry and folding the clothes, etc.

Having a plan like that in place leaves no scope for any sort of friction. 

6. Be Empathic Towards Each Other

These are difficult times. So many people have lost their jobs or are suffering paycuts.

The ones that are not so strong mentally are panicking or living in fear which in turn is affecting their health.

If your partner is facing any such situations, you need to display some empathy towards him or her.

Be supportive, be understanding, be kind. 

Look, the truth is that nobody is flawless. Not you, not me, not anyone.

But I truly believe that these little imperfections are fun and keep life from getting too boring!

So rather than fretting and arguing over these slight glitches, how about we try to not get worked up?

How about building our own amazing stories from them…stories that we can look back upon in the future and have a hearty laugh about!

6 thoughts on “6 Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship”

  1. ‌Your ideas are very good. I believe everyone will follow these ideas but some men will never like to do household work. They only want their coffee and meal on their tables and expect every thing on time from their partners.

  2. Hey, you write your blogs very beautifuly and nicely. I love to read them again and again – your tips and advice about how to deal with corona, how to stay fit and healthy at home, living with minimum things, maintaining relationship with partner, children, friends and so on. I hope and believe that all will follow the tips in their own ways. Keep it up. All the best.

  3. the little surprise msg on whatsapp while in the same room is too cute. I’ve done that sometimes. It works

  4. Arundati Gupta Jacob

    Awesome stuff Namrata. I will definitely try and implement some. thank you. The best part about this blog: 1) it is realistic and 2) can easily be done.
    You write super well. Keep them coming’ babe

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