My First-Ever Love Letter: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

My First-Ever Love Letter: Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Just finished my morning workout.

Phew, after 20 minutes of exercising and being scolded (yeah, hubby is the extremely no-nonsense kind of fitness coach), now I’m just chilling on my couch.

Chilling and watching him as he sips his coffee in the kitchen.

He’s trying to raid all the kitchen shelves in his quest to find the ingredients he needs to cook up an interesting dish for breakfast.

The kitchen looks a bit cluttered but he looks so calm and cute, I could just watch him all day. I do this so often.

Just watching him from a distance as he goes about his business. He has no clue I do this.

He believes I’m way too engrossed in my little hero to even think about him.

I think I should tell my husband that I still have a huge crush on him and with each passing day this crush just gets huger.

I need to tell him that he is my Superhero.

I think I should tell him that I get a sense of calm, peace, and happiness even by just looking at him and that he’s my happy and safe space.

I think I should tell him that I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life.

Maybe, we all should, once in a while, ditch the fault-finding and just tell our partners how much we love them and the things about them that make us happy. 

So today is that day for me. I’m making my list of reasons for loving him and he’s looking right over my shoulder as I type my first-ever love letter πŸ˜‰

Dear Muffin,

I love you for the fact, that in spite of being an expert prankster all your life, you never pull one on me for the fear that I may drop dead.

I love you for being my own, exclusive Google. I really don’t need an internet connection to know anything about anything. You are faster and better than Google.

I love you even though you mess up your cupboard within 24 hours of me organizing it all prim and proper.

I love you for cracking me up right after we have a fight and ensuring that I don’t stay angry for longer than 5 minutes.

I love you for waiting ever so patiently outside of trial rooms and  very sweetly giving feedback for each of the zillion dresses that I try.

I love how you get mad at me each time I clumsily trip over something and hurt myself, and then with a worried expression treat my cuts and wounds.

I love you for innocently believing that I really do not know who eats up the last piece of chocolate I always save for myself. I have video evidence for this one.

I love you for being my fitness coach and setting up an exercise routine for me (even though all that scolding during my workout sometimes gets me fuming) and love you even more for making a sleepyhead like me actually follow it.

I love you for saying I look cute even when I look like a freaking mess.

I love how you win each and every argument so smoothly, thanks to your unbeatable logic. (Grrrr…Are you still looking over my shoulder?)

I love you for so cutely pretending to listen to me and saying ‘hmm’ at all the wrong times while you are playing some silly game on your phone and ignoring me big time.

Also, I love you for always helping me survive my panic attacks and meltdowns.

Also, also, I love you for promptly agreeing to be the photographer whenever Bunny and I get our crazy urges for a photo session.

Also, also, also, I love you for being such an amazingly fun, incredible, almost magical Dad.

I cant believe how until 8 years back you weren’t even part of my life and today every inch of my universe is wrapped around you. We’ve been through the good times, bad times, crazy times, the adventures… but all through this journey you were ALL I needed and you have always been my best friend.

We have so much fun together, we just fit!

I know you feel my love for you. But I’m not sure I ever tell you enough how incredibly special you are to me. 

You are my perfection and I love you just so much.

Yours forever,

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  1. Hey have put your heart into this.. loved it.. I wish and pray that the love grows every second and the togetherness goes beyond eternity..Tonnes of love to you Nam❣️😘

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