Love Letter To My son

My Letter To My Son

We hug, cuddle and snuggle all day. Like ALL day.

I say ‘I love you’ to him more than a gazillion times each day…when he wakes up each morning and looks at me with those twinkling eyes and gorgeous smile, at mealtime, at bath time, when we are playing, reading, watching tv or just being plain silly together and a million times in between…

But I still feel like I love him more than that and my kisses and hugs aren’t enough to describe what I really feel for him!! 

So I decided to write a letter to him and pour my heart out.

Viraaj will get to read this a few years later, but for now, I feel incredibly happy and fulfilled after having put my thoughts for him into words. 

Dear Viraaj,

I keep wondering where time has flown by. Just the other day I actually ran through the calculations again just to make sure there hasn’t been an error… but no! You really ARE about to turn FIVE mighty years old very soon!

Last year was a huge year for you…you started big school! And boy, did you handle it like a pro!

Honestly, my heart skipped a beat to let you go but seeing a shy baby like you transform into this confident little guy…I could hardly hold myself together and wept happy tears!

This year too, just as you were about to start KG, the whole world came to a standstill and you have been locked inside home for over a month now but not once did you complain.

You are a confident, superbly well-behaved, happy little kid and I am insanely proud of you.

You love life, you love others, you love building machines, you love cars, you love robots, you love reading, you are extremely expressive, a great talker with a fantastic vocabulary, you love yoga, you love making videos and sharing your (adorable) wisdom with people, you have a wild imagination and you love telling stories, you love cuddling with Papa and me and I always secretly hope you will not replace me with a teddy bear and you also dance like a dream!

I have a strong hunch you are going to do amazingly wonderful things in life!

But of course, in this journey of life, you may fall sometimes and yes, it hurts to fall.

Your heart will break and your bruises will be painful.

But I promise you, each time you need me, I will be there to help you sail through.

Just keep that confidence.

Keep your faith strong.

Keep your kindness incomparable.

Keep chasing your dreams.

Keep your smiles radiant.

Be brave.

Be independent.

Be passionate.

Be polite.

Be grateful.

Learn all you can.

And stay true to yourself. The rest will all fall into place.

I can’t help but smile proudly at how very cutely you correct me each time, nowadays, when I refer to you as my ‘baby’… β€œI’m a BIG BOY now Mimi, trust me, I’m in KG now!”

Yes, you are Viraaj, you are a big boy who I am so fiercely proud of.

But as long as I am living, my baby you’ll be.

Papa and I love you more than all the love in this world put together and we pledge to be there for you, every time, laughing, loving, and doing life together.

Love always,

6 thoughts on “My Letter To My Son”

  1. Awww.. such a cute love letter.. Bunny is lucky to have such a loving and caring mother like you and you are lucky to have such a perfect baby.. I mean β€œbig boy”, he’s in KG after all ❀️😊

    1. It’s fantabulous how gracefully, simply and remarkably you have penned down your emotions….only you can do it with so much ease and love…Every word speaks of your love and affection.

  2. Love pouring like a beautiful rain ….I can keep this letter handy for Rudra when he will turn five πŸ˜† .
    Viraaj is a very sensible boy and he makes this world a beautiful place . Lots of blessings to him .
    Keep spreading positivity Namrata πŸ’Ÿ

  3. An excellent piece, full of emotions – pouring your heart out. We appreciate your feelings and commend the way you have so beautifully presented it. Very touching and of course very nice too.

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