Lockdown Awakening

My Lockdown ‘Awakening’

The Covid-19 situation has forced everyone to sit back, take a deep breath and reassess our lives.

Amidst all this stress, anxiety, the agony of the added workload, and uncertainty, we have been also learning many positive lessons about life, isn’t it?

My realizations in this lockdown so far:

1) That waking up early, even without a reason, can be so rejuvenating!

2) That eating together, on the dining table, feels awesome.

3) That I can pretty much survive happily without shopping every weekend.

4) That I have wayyy toooo many ‘going out‘ clothes and a slight shortage of night suits.

5) That I possess a superpower and can arrange for rain, storms, and even hailstorms within a few hours of scrubbing my balconies squeaky clean.

6) That apart from my hubby and my 4 year old munchkin, I do not have any addictions. Not even puchkas.

7) That I DO  know how to chop veggies.

8) That doing your own house chores isn’t half as difficult as it seems

9) That no one, just NO ONE, even comes a close second to my husband when it comes to tossing up some good salads or making raita or desserts

10) That running around the house all day pretending to be a soldier or cop or a robber with toy guns is actually much better than playing hide and seek

11) That my husband is the sweetest guy in this whole wide world (I always knew this one but this lockdown totally confirmed it)

12) That I have forgotten my अ आ इ ई and need a revision ASAP.

13) That my son and I are not so bad at painting after all.

14) That when you are with your loved ones 24/7 you just tend to lose track of time and don’t care if it’s a weekday or the weekend. Every day is just a VERY happy day.

How about now you pretty girls tell me about yours!

2 thoughts on “My Lockdown ‘Awakening’”

  1. While the internet is full of negativity surrounding the on-going pandemic, this post is like a beam of light that ignites the spirit of positivity during these difficult times… Thank you for making my day 😁

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