Lockdown Resolutions

#LockdownResolutions 2020

The lockdown is finally drawing to a close. It’s taught all of us a little something, hasn’t it?

About patience, love, valuing time, relations, nature, and life. It has also taught us how to strive to reduce wastage, function with limited resources, accept change, and move on.

What are the things that you have learned during this period and wish to incorporate in your regular life even when the lockdown is over and the situation normalizes?

Or let’s say…What are your ‘Lockdown Resolutions‘??

Here are mine…

I resolve to:

1) Follow blindly the exercise routine that my husband sets for me. That’s expert advice at its best! 

Actually do whatever it takes to stay fit. Now I absolutely know that whoever came up with the term ‘survival of the fittest’ wasn’t kidding.

2) Put down my phone the minute my son calls out for me. Doesn’t matter if he calls out for me 1876 times in a day. I’d rather use my time playing with my little dude than being on phone unnecessarily.

If a 4-year-old could be so kind, helpful, and supportive during the entire 2 month lockdown period, why can’t I be that all my life?

3) Take it easy in the kitchen even if I’m running late. This reduces the chances of a disastrous meal by a whopping 80%. My own personal statistics.

4) Sometimes, only sometimes, just ditch the guilt and enjoy a fattening but a yummy dessert while watching a hilarious movie with my husband. (I did this quite a few times during the lockdown and those moments definitely constitute some of my top favorite memories from this period)

5) Go easy on buying clothes. I’ve ample proof by now that when there’s a crisis, it’s only your night suits that come to your rescue.

6) Stop being a lazy bum when my guy requests for his 5 p.m. coffee. After all those heavenly, delectable desserts and salads made by him and the massive amount of help with the household chores, I owe him at least that much, don’t I? Regular coffee, eh? I’ll whip you up a creamy Dalgona every evening topped with a whole lot of love!

7) Sleep early, wake up early and practice yoga with my little one every morning

8) Not wear lipstick each time I step out of the shower. Now I’m sure my family will still love me just as much with or without the lipstick.

9) Stop mentally correcting grammatical errors, incorrect pronunciation of words, sentence structure, and spellings and start focusing on the content. 

10) Not frown when the maid doesn’t turn up. 

11) Stop whispering evil things to the toys lying on the floor that I keep tripping over. My munchkin won’t be little forever so I should enjoy the happy, colorful mess while it lasts!

12) Continue being the cute but goofy, funny, silly, clumsy girl that all my family and friends have come to know and love!

The world might come to a standstill but I resolve to keep my smile on and carry on doing my bit for my loved ones and also for those who are less fortunate than I am.

5 thoughts on “#LockdownResolutions 2020”

      1. Namita Pasbola

        Amazing positivity and thought process during the lockdown. We need this words fundose for sure. Enjoyed reading every blog!

  1. Rajat Bhandari

    U r crazily awesome !! I mean how do you do it ???? Please please please keep posting something every few hours …. I never ever was a reader but now I keep waiting for ur amazingly fabulous articles every day !! Sooo damn positive … hats off to you !! 👍

  2. Arundati Gupta Jacob

    What a great, lighthearted, fun filled read. Kudos. Couldnot stop laughing when you mentioned “stop whispering evil things to the toys lying around”…lolzz

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