Funny Things My Mom Says

Funny Mom Dialogues

Kids may say the most comical and amusing things….but Moms aren’t too far behind either!

Mommies, around the world, keep repeating certain ridiculously funny dialogues throughout the day to their  kids! 

I really never knew I repeated saying certain things …so much so that my 5 year old had each of those dialogues memorized!

Here’s a video, shot secretly in my absence, by my 2 wicked boys. Aarrghhhh. 

Watch how my little guy acts out the dialogues I keep repeating ALL the time…this video turned out to be the most embarrassing yet hilarious yet adorable surprise for me ever!

4 thoughts on “Funny Mom Dialogues”

  1. Neelam Thapliyal

    Haha…. Viraaj is verrry sweet. He is getting more comfortable Infront of the camera day by day. Doesn’t seem to be shy any more.

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