Kids in Lockdown

Kids In The Lockdown – Happy Or Not?

Recently I heard someone refer to this current situation as The Big Halt. Which I think is a slightly better term….better than ‘pandemic’, ‘global crisis’, ‘lockdown’ etc. These are pretty worrisome and stressful words and make my heart sink.

So yeah, I think I too will refer to it as The Big Halt.

It’s amazing how until a few days back the world was completely engrossed in the hustle-bustle, the chaos, the rat race, the insane rush, and then, unexpectedly, comes The Big Halt.

Now suddenly, there’s just so much time!

No one is busy…

No one is in a mad rush to get to work, or to school or the gym…

No one is missing a flight…

No parties…

No clubbing…

No lunch, dinner or movie dates…

No holidaying…

No shopping escapades…

No get-togethers with friends…

Everyone has the time to return calls.

We have the time to read the books that have been lying untouched on the shelves since forever.

We have the time to cook up fancy dishes, the recipes for which had been bookmarked for months but never really got a chance to make it to the kitchen.

We have the time to organize the messy cupboards and cluttered drawers around the house.

We have the time to dig up timeworn photo albums and relive the good old memories.

We have the time to make phone calls to parents and have nice, long detailed conversations with them rather than just doing a quick check on their health.

We have the time to revel in the laughter of our kids and to bask in their pride of learning something new each day.

As much as these times are complicated and full of fear, we cannot deny that it’s gotten families closer to each other and it’s given all of us a new perspective towards life.

Initially, I was pretty worried about how my 4 year old would cope up with this situation.

No going to the park, no buying new toys, no playdates with friends, no cycling, skating, swimming or football with Dad, no weekend outings.

But I was pleasantly surprised to see just how happy and composed he has been all through this time.

Not just him, this is the case with almost all the little kids that I know of. They know they are in the safest place with their families.

Also, this time around, they aren’t having to bend over backwards to get some attention from the parents. Kids are enjoying our love and availability for them.

They are enjoying telling us their stories because, now, we are really listening.

They are enjoying not waiting for their parents to return home to be able to tell them about their day.

They are enjoying not being constantly told to cut their stories or conversations short.

They are enjoying the longer, much tighter hugs and the never-ending kisses.

And ofcourse, how can I forget, they are enjoying not having to get ready for school every morning!

It’s funny how the whole world had to come to a standstill for us to be able to realize that for our children, it’s our love, attention, and time for them that counts.

The toys? Well, not so much.

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