The Brighter Side Of Quarantine

The Brighter Side Of Quarantine

I’m quite a panicky person.

And each time I watch the news nowadays, I almost get a nervous breakdown.

To calm myself down I quickly switch my mind to better, happier things… let’s say…to the brighter side of quarantine.

Here’s what I immediately start thinking about to prevent myself from having a meltdown:

1) About The View From My Flat

It almost looks like it’s been edited to the last bit on some beauty app! The sky is bluer.  Everything is brighter and clearer. Plus it’s so amazingly quiet and serene.

No honking of cars, no hustle bustle, no chaos. It’s such a refreshing change from having to deal with pollution for so many years.

2) About Finally Enjoying The Present

Our lives were just packed with activities piled on top of one another. Amidst all of that impossible madness and rush, we were so busy just trying to build our future that we’d completely forgotten all about the present. 

It feels amazing to just stop for a bit and breathe. Feels great to just enjoy the peace, rejuvenate and acknowledge the little things in life. 

3) About Us Eating Meals Together As A Family

I would always long for this but somehow, with all of us having commitments, meetings, classes, appointments at different times, enjoying a meal together seemed like a distant dream.

But now, finally, that dream’s come true for me! Eating together on the dining table with both my boys and having a good laugh…blissful!

4) About The Fact That I Learnt How Not To Waste Resources

Until now, each time I ran out of something, some grocery or household or personal care item, I would just have to mention it once and Tadaaa!! it would be with me the next day.

Honestly, that got me a bit careless because replenishing stuff seemed super easy. Not anymore though.

Now, during the lockdown I have to be so careful in using things as I understand that if I run out of something I may not get a new one soon. So I have to be more mindful of wasting resources.

Learning how to value every morsel and not waste food is definitely a humbling lesson and one that I probably wouldn’t’ve learnt had it not been for this nightmarish Covid-19 situation.

5) About My 4 Year Old Learning Just So Much

My little boy helps me around the house with the cleaning, dusting and folding of clothes. He’s also learnt to shower all by himself!

He’s painting, doing yoga, reading storybooks, making his own videos, and sometimes even his own breakfast! Plus, he is now doing his homework without me having to constantly watch over him.

Watching him become so independent, understanding, kind and helpful sure makes me one proud Mommy.

6) About How This Situation Instilled An Attitude Of Gratitude In Me, And Hopefully In Everyone 

I’m brimming with gratitude, like never before.

I am grateful for my life, my family, my health, and the health of my loved ones. I’m grateful for my cozy little apartment.

I’m grateful for the broken charger of my phone which has helped me stay in touch with all my friends and family through these worrying times.

I’m grateful for all the unconditional love, support, and guidance I get from my family. I’m grateful for my lousy tv remote that will just not work until I bang it on the bed a few times.

I’m grateful for the food I have. I am grateful for a good night’s sleep. I’m grateful for every new morning.

And oh yes, I’m grateful for my internet connection

Most importantly, I am extremely grateful to the doctors, nurses, staff at the grocery stores & medical outlets, cops, security guards, delivery guys and all those people around the world who are out and about providing their services while putting their own health at risk just to keep us safe and secure during these difficult times.

5 thoughts on “The Brighter Side Of Quarantine”

  1. Wow… that really gives me a fresh, new and really positive perspective on this new lifestyle of mine…. 👍👍

  2. Blessed are the ones who have gratitude at all times. It is not the time but the attitude which stays. Definitely a positive thinker.

  3. Very true. Now one is better placed to understand the value of family, friends, health and money.

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